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    Character Sheet Review: Races


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    Character Sheet Review: Races

    Post by FrAnZ_JuStIcE on 22nd September 2016, 2:15 pm

    There are a wide variety of races in the 4 Kingdoms world, but unlike careers, I cannot allow the users to make their own races. This is because there might be some trouble of what that race can do, especially if they are in the lore. Also, other players(who really hate people)will choose to create a race that is only exclusive to them, or exists, but somehow not in the world. So to compensate, I will make a  LARGE list for them, with included descriptions.

    Race List:

    Centaur - Due to a substantial amount of damage caused by uncontrolled Magic, various people have seen sightings of this mythical creature. A man or woman's torso, on a Horse's body. They have been see fighting alongside other races, but we may not know what their true purpose is.

    Dark Elf - In the ancient era of chaos, demons mingled with other races to create new hybrids and mutations. Dark elves are one of them, and a succesful one too. With the quick body of an elf, and the brutality of a demon, Dark elves are very powerful. Though they have originated from Demons, some Dark Elves choose to exclude themselves from their demon counterparts, and choos to even work with many of the world of Men, Elves, and even Dwarves.

    Dwarf - The origins of the Dwarves are lost, but their true purpose is known. They were made to fight. They may have a small stature, but this changes nothing. Excellent blacksmiths, and the world's most renouned warriors, the Dwarven people are to be respected.

    Elf - When the world was created, Elves stood as one of the celestial beings of the world. But because of the betrayal of the King of the Elves to the Higher Ones, all of them have been destined to live on the planet, where their mortal bodies cling to the ground. Though many succumb to madness, Elves who manage to live well adopt some of the architecture they once had when they were higher in power. Known for their speed and tenacity, they will fight with their allies until they die.

    Fire Spawn - Many people die from fires, but out of those fires, come the Fire spawn. What is unique about the Fire Spawn, is that they look Human in appearance, but when casting magical abilities, it seems like they shed their skin to reveal the fire inside them. Of course the skin grows back immediately after the battle, so do not be deceived. Fire Spawn are mostly neutral, but many have sadly moved towards the edge of chaos.

    Goblin - As the creatures of chaos corrupt and mingle other races, Goblins came to be. Though their origins are not clear, it is thought that Orcs may have had a big influence on them. These small creatures are the enemies of dwarves, and will beat them at their sheer numbers and speed.

    Half-Elf - Half-elves are also a mixed breed of humans and elves, that have somehow happened. As part human, Half-elves are enthusiastic, interested in learning, and willing to fight. They are also part Elf, which makes them Wise, powerful in Magic, and good in reflexes.

    Half-Giant - Half Giants are the lesser versions of their much taller cousins. Though they are smaller than normal Giants, they can still stand about 5 Meters in average height. They are incredibly strong, and are willing to serve someone who is deem good, or whatever suites their needs.

    High Elf - Many elves who are born of supernatural circumstances, or are chosen by the High Goddesses, are designated to be a High Elf. High Elves, in Elven Mythology, are said to be chosen from the Goddess of Light to return the elves to their original form. Because of this, many of the High Elves are renowned for their status in Elven society. When they fight, High Elves can perform higher feats of magic than normal elves, and have good use of weaponry.

    Human - The race of Humans are the most basic of all beings, and are the ones that mainly populate the planet. They always had a strong sense to be tied to something greater, but there are many in human society who wish to rule with an Iron Fist, but many stand against it. Out of all the races, Humans are the ones who have no direct supernatural sense and lore, but this gives them the most freedom and free will. That can be both helpful and dangerous.

    Ogre - Ogres are the most misunderstood of all races. Though they are tall, and muscular like their Orcish Counter parts, many Orges aren't warriors. They are sadly slaves, stolen from birth and taken to work for many small kingdoms. Those who escape become very compassionate for their allies, and will willingly die for their friends.

    Orc - There are three words than can sum up Orcs. Brutal. Hungry. Bloodthirsty. No race is crazier the Orcs. Green as Moss, and Muscles thicker and stronger than stone, Orcs are almost un-killable. When they are seen, many fear for their lives. Orc raids have slowed down for a bit, but who knows? They could already be charging like hungry Lions seeing a pack of deer.

    Angel Kin - There are many in the heavenly kingdom who have escaped from the grasp of the all seeing light, and chosen to mingle with humans. The people born of this breeding are the Light Kin. These people are extremely powerful when using light magic, and are exceptional healers. Many Light Kin who die, are then ascended to the Heavenly Kingdom, where they will live as Guardians of Light.

    Demon Kin - Similar to their morally and magically different brothers, The Light Kin, The Demon Kin are born of human and demon. These people, like The Light Kin, are extremely powerful in their supernatural parent's element, which is either Fire or Darkness. They are very powerful as Mages, and those who are Demon Kin, and aren't Mages, are said to already be fully developed in most elements of Magic.

    Shadow Born - Shadow Born are like Demon kin, as they need a Human and Demon to make, but that's where the similarities end. Shadow Born are rarer than Demon Kin, and are even more dangerous. Shadow Born can transform themselves to pure shadow, hiding in the darkest corner of the nearby tavern, and are extremely worthy assassins.

    Water Spawn - Like their Fire Spawn enemies, Water Spawn people are born with the power to control water to an extent, and are extremely proficient in skills that require water. Like Fire Spawns, Water Spawns can hide under a human skin, and shed it during battle. The skin will then be repaired after a while.[/b]

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