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    Character Sheet Review: Careers


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    Character Sheet Review: Careers

    Post by FrAnZ_JuStIcE on 21st September 2016, 10:39 pm

    Careers are a way of showing what your character can do and cannot do. The best part of having a career, is that you can make one. Though there are some recommended classes below, I think it is best to create your own, or get inspiration from someone else. You can even get a career someone else has, even if they did originally create.

    Recommended Careers:
    -Blade Master: A Warrior who dual wields swords of destruction.
    -Witch Hunter: A mixed combat specialist, trained to fight the supernatural.
    -Assassin: A stealthy warrior, killing their opponent before his enemy could blink.
    -Kursany Knight: The Legendary Knights of Kursan, trained from childhood, they were born to fight for their kingdom. Usually Mounted.
    -Spear Man: Warriors who carry long pikes, stabbing into cavalry, and their enemies.
    -Archer: Skilled soldiers, who are trained to fire from all sorts of ranged weapons.
    -Gunslinger: A group of archers, who instead train to be expertise in firearms.
    -Blade of the Magi: Mages who not only work with Magic, but are experts in the use of swords and melee weapons.

    Career Rules:
    -They cannot be overpowered in any way
    -They cannot contain any external titles added to them(E.g. High Lord Templar)
    -Their skills must reflect the career(See below)
    -The career cannot be a mix of two or more careers(E.g. Mounted Blade Master, Undead Dragonknight of Kursan)

    Now there are other rules for careers, but here are the primary ones:
    -Mounted Careers must put 10 Skill points in "Mounted Combat".
    -Careers that usually dual wield must put 10 Skill points "Dual Wielding" Or "One-Handed Weapons".
    -Careers that use ranged weapons must put 5 Skill points in of the "Archery" proficiencies, and 5 skill points in the "Accuracy" or "Guns" proficiencies.
    -Careers which involve magic are required to put 10 skill points in of the two "Magic" proficiencies.

    Now, your character has 50 unused skill points for Weapon Skill Proficiency, and 35 unused skill points for Equipment Proficiency when they start. These 85 Skill points can be used to upgrade your proficiency, and how good you are when performing a task.

    A Good Example of a Career is:

    Career Name: Witch hunter

    Weapon Skill Proficiency:
    Long Swords - 5
    Short Swords - 5
    Long Shot Archery - 5
    Close Range Archery - 5
    Accuracy(Ranged) - 4
    Accuracy(Melee) - 4
    Dual Wielding - 10
    Two-Handed Weapons - 2
    One-Handed Weapons - 5
    Mounted Combat - 0
    Guns - 5
    Magic Offensive - 0
    Magic Defensive - 0

    Equipment Proficiency:
    Heavy Armour - 0
    Medium Armour - 15
    Light Armour - 5
    Fire Making - 2
    Repairs - 2
    Gathering(Wood) - 2
    Gathering(Stone) - 2
    Gathering(Food) - 2

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