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    Final Days of the War


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    Final Days of the War

    Post by FrAnZ_JuStIcE on 22nd September 2016, 6:21 pm

    Extracted from unknown source, Point of View from an unnamed Knight

    It was the last day of the War. I was so thrilled to finally see the end of this invasion, that the Demons would finally be pushed back the same entrance. Though my blade is tainted with the Demons blood, it is not finished fighting them. I heard that an assault surrounding them would work, so I had to prepare. After years of war, our Mages have finally gained some notes on the Demons, that we could use to our advantage. Our most talented brothers carry Weapons dipped in water that the church has blesses, and Mage now are beginning to learn new ways of Light Magic.

    "Brother! Get up!" Someone shouted from behind me, the wind whistling into my tent, as I smell the light but strong scent of Brimstone. Immediately I stood up, looking at the person who called for me. General Vernan stood there, carrying his blade. His face didn't show emotion, and his bald head showed signs of previous battles. Scars that are as big as entire hands.

    "It is time! Meet me in the 32nd Regiment at once!" He said, before running off to get more of his soldiers. I stood up, picking up my gauntlets, and placing them on. I grabbed by sword, and headed off.

    There it stood, vast numbers of silver. Men standing with their pikes up, their horses neighing, and the charred landscape of the now named "Gorepit of Fire", which was very accurate. Flames erupted from a large pit in the centre, probably holding the General of the armies. I closed my eyes for a moment, imagining the place after the battle, before I opened my eyes, and raced to my regiment.

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