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    -STANDARD RULES- (Beginning set of Rules)


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    -STANDARD RULES- (Beginning set of Rules)

    Post by FrAnZ_JuStIcE on 20th August 2016, 2:55 pm

    This is going to be the first set of rules that is going to be posted in this forum. Currently, until I post the next set of rule changes, these still apply. Any rules that have been changed will be crossed out. Rules that are entirely changed will all be crossed out, and there will be a link to the new set of rules.


    1. You must respect everyone in the forum. You can hate the character, for lore purposes, but you CANNOT and MUST NOT hate the player who is roleplaying the character. Anyone can PM me if they have been abused by a player, breaking this rule, and I will deal with the situation. A proven case of abuse, will have the abuser gain a temporary ban. If it occurs again, the abuser will gain a permanent ban.

    2. Spamming is not allowed. You cannot spam in any place, except the messages. You can spam for fun with friends in the messages, but not in the forums. If someone is caught spamming in the forums, or found spamming a user who does not want to be spammed, the punishments will be the same as the punishment for abusing. Meaning a temporary ban if done once, and a permanent ban if done twice.

    3. No diverging the topic. Meaning, you cannot talk about something in the topic, if it has nothing to do with the title of the topic.


    1. Absolutely no God-Modding. Simply, it means: No controlling characters that aren't yours, Having weaknesses, Not being invincible, and such. This can also include killing and injuring(When I mean "Injuring", I mean that you say that you injured someone AND confirmed that it hurt them. It's their job to confirm it)another person's character WITHOUT their will. God-Modding is the absolute worst, and a temporary ban will be placed with anyone who does so, INTENTIONALLY. A permanent ban will be given to those who do it again.

    2. THERE CAN BE ABSOLUTELY NO LEMONS. Meaning you can kiss, but no sexual contact. If you wish to have a lemon, PM the person and do it in the private messages. There will be absolutely no lemons in the forums. PM me if you have questions.

    3. Please keep your grammar clean. This annoys me more than anything in a roleplay forum. When I mean "Clean", this doesn't mean you can't swear(Though I prefer you keep at a minimum when swearing), but it does mean you must make sense and use the right words. Please use "Your, You're or There, Their, and They're" properly in sentences.

    THIS ALSO MEANS TEXT LANGUAGE IS NOT ALLOWED. Here is an example of text language:

    Gary: Hey! Get over here! *Pulls man*

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