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    OC Rules for Character Registration


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    OC Rules for Character Registration

    Post by FrAnZ_JuStIcE on 20th August 2016, 1:00 pm

    Here are some basic rules when thinking about creating a character(Read these before creating an OC):

    (For those who don't know yet, OC stands for Original Character)

    1. You can play, even if your character hasn't been approved. When I approve people, I'm just saying that the character has no mistakes, in which you would need to fix them.
    2. You cannot change any of your character's attributes once approved. If you wish to change anything about your character after approval, please PM me.
    3. Do not create a character with absolute perfect features, and very few or no weaknesses. Also known as Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues.
    4. Your original character(s) cannot be related to any other character, unless that player approves the option of becoming related AND their character is approved, or you own the other character.
    5. You can NOT create new characters.
    6. Your character cannot have own an item of extremely powerful capability. PM me if you have any exceptions. If you have an item which is extremely powerful, but you don't know and you haven't PM'd me yet, I will gladly point it out for you before approval.
    7. Your character can have wings and such, but I will be prepared to correct anything so that your character isn't overpowered by the wings, with one of them being able to stay on air for an extremely long period of time.
    8. You cannot create children of other characters, even if they did approve. This applies to everyone, even me.
    9. In the skill section, you have 50 points to spend on skills. For more info, check the "Starting Out" section.
    10. Yes, there are is no set group of careers. This means you can make your own career, but there are restrictions. Check the "Starting Out" area, and look at the Character sheet resources for some more info on careers.
    11. Once you finish creating your character, post it as a new topic in this forum area. DO NOT post it as a comment here.

    OC Form:

    Career(Please include description):
    Sexual Orientation:



    - Basic Language:
    - Foreign, but proficient:
    - Foreign, but weak:

    Weapon Skill Proficiency:
     Long Swords -
     Short Swords -
     Long Shot Archery -
     Close Range Archery -
     Accuracy(Ranged) -
     Accuracy(Melee) -
     Dual Wielding -
     Two-Handed Weapons -
     One-Handed Weapons -
     Mounted Combat -
     Guns -
     Magic Offensive -
     Magic Defensive -

    Equipment Proficiency:
     Heavy Armour -
     Medium Armour -
     Light Armour -
     Fire Making -
     Repairs -
     Gathering(Wood) -
     Gathering(Stone) -
     Gathering(Food) -

    Possessions(Already Includes Starting pack):
    -1 set of clothing:
     -Cloth Shirt
     -Cloth Pants
     -Brown or Black Cloak
     -Simple Boots
    -Carving knife
    -Flint and Steel
    -100 Silver Coins
    -Large Tent

    Okay, if you somehow got through the Hell wall of text, then you can now create your character. The form is below. Now, if you do break one of these rules, I will kindly ask you to change your character's features to fit the rules. If you fail to change your character for a while, I will choose to reject your character and delete your character. You can still create another character, but there is a strike on your character. If you get three strikes, I will ban you from the forum. It's just that straightforward.

    If you need more information on this, it's available in the Beginner's Guide, located in the "STARTING OUT" forum.

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